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Grip Jar Opener
Grip Jar Opener
Grip Jar Opener
Grip Jar Opener
Grip Jar Opener
Grip Jar Opener

Grip Jar Opener

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Our Grip Jar Opener helps open tightly sealed bottles and jars. They enhance the gripping power of your ONE bare hand to aid in removing twist-off lids.

The rather sharp teeth grab the jar lid so long as you keep pressure on the jar. You can then turn the jar and the lid comes unscrewed.

How Does It Help?

Nothing Can Stand In Its Way

With carbon steel teeth and our proven V-grip design, The Grip has the strength to open any jar with little to no effort. 

Lids of All Sizes & Types

The Grip can open lids of any size and type with ease. From fingernail polish to large pickle jars!

Hidden Installation

Since it sits underneath your cabinet, you’ll never know it’s there until you need it! And no more added clutter, taking up valuable space in your kitchen drawer.

No Pain or Strain

Unlike other openers, you don’t need two hands to try and twist open jars or other lids. Which means, not only is it easier, but pain free!


Size: 18CM

Color: White


1x Grip Jar Opener

Note: Shipping Time May be 2-4 Weeks Longer Due to High Volume of Orders