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Rapid Rooting Powder
Rapid Rooting Powder
Rapid Rooting Powder
Rapid Rooting Powder
Rapid Rooting Powder
Rapid Rooting Powder
Rapid Rooting Powder
Rapid Rooting Powder

Rapid Rooting Powder

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Our Rapid Rooting Powder is a formula which enables you to grow a new plant from a cutting! Effectively propagate plants using an easy solution!


  • Fastest rooting. The fastest way to root new plants from cuttings. Find your plant variety and rooting powder strength now.
  • Free of alcohol, dye and preservatives. Especially important when plants are for consumption.

  • Healthiest cuttings. Helps prevent root rot and sagging cuttings for stronger roots and transplant success. Stronger, healthier roots for faster transplanting of all plant varieties.

  • All grow medium. Our rooting powders work great with rock wool; coco, peat moss, soil and all other grow mediums. We use only premium ingredients for the healthiest plants possible.

  • Easy to use. You will effectively propagate plants using an easy solution! Just dilute the powder in water to spray your leaf cuttings or to submerge seedlings and roots. This initiates rapid rooting and improves survival rate of transplanted plants.

  • Efficient. With the help of this effective Rapid Rooting Powder, you need not frustrate on the complexities of plant propagation. Ensure the regeneration of your seedlings and cuttings with this proven solution!


  • Cutting: After dissolving 1-2 kg of water in each bag, soak the base of the sticks for 1-2 hours or add 150-200 grams of water and dip for 5-10 seconds.
  • Transplanting: Dissolve 1.5-2 kg of water in each bag and dip the roots for 1-2 hours.
  • Spray: each bag of water 10 kg in the young flower, young fruit spray twice each, interval once a week, to prevent flowering and fruit drop.
  • Irrigation: Watering 2 kg of watered bags into the soil, once every two months, can promote root growth.
  • Soaking: Each bag is 4-5 kg of water, soaking for 6-8 hours, remove and rinse after draining, can promote germination.


  • Net Weight: 0.03kg (0.07lb.)
  • Ingredients: 90% naphthalene acetic acid powder


  • 1 x Rapid Rooting Powder

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